Reasons to Perform Capsule Endoscopy
• Gastrointestinal bleeding of unknown origin
• Anemia of suspected GI cause
• Abdominal pain
• Malabsorption (celiac disease)
• Suspected or known Crohn's disease
• Diarrhea

Capsule Endoscopy




Patient Information on Capsule Endoscopy


General Overview

Capsule endoscopy can help to determine the cause for a variety of gastrointestinal symptoms.  The capsule is swallowed, and the miniature video camera contained in the capsule captures images of the intestine as it travels through the body.  The images are transmitted to a small data recorder device attached to a belt worn around the waste.  These images are down loaded to a computer for a physician to review and make a diagnosis.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the procedure?
Approximately eight hours, however after the capsule is swallowed you may leave the office and continue with your normal activities.  After eight hours, return to the office and the data recorder is removed.
How large is the capsule?
The capsule has a very smooth texture and is easy to swallow.  It is approximately the size of a vitamin pill.
What is the main risk of capsule endoscopy?
Rarely the capsule can become lodged or impacted in the gastrointestinal tract and may require surgical removal.  The incidence of capsule impaction is less than one percent.