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Our special kind of care begins the moment you enter the Gastroenterology Endoscopy Center and continues until you leave. Each step along the way you can count on fine, personalized outpatient care from our specialized and highly skilled medical, nursing, and support staff. You'll notice the difference the moment you enter the Center's warm, comfortable surroundings. Here you may encounter others who are having outpatient procedures similar to yours. You and your family will be greeted and checked in using simple procedures by our experienced outpatient specialists. They will explain the procedures you will undergo and answer all your questions.


Our patients find the Center to be a much more convenient and pleasant experience than a hospital. We believe that outpatient care should be highly personalized for you and your family. Every effort is made to avoid delays. There will be minimal waiting and your visit will take about 1 1/2 -2 hours, compared to the 3 or 4 hours that are typical in most hospitals.

After your procedure, your family and/or driver are welcome to join you in our comfortable recovery area. Ample parking is available within a few steps of our front door.


Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) Premier Staff are among the most highly regulated forms of outpatient health care. As an ASC, The Gastroenterology Endoscopy Center meets all State of Florida and Federal (JCAHO) licensing requirements and and is surveyed by the State of Florida Department of Health and the Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration (ACHA).

Our staff specializes in outpatient endoscopy care and have many years of experience. Our physicians and nurses are specialists in your specific outpatient procedures. They keep themselves educated about current developments in GI procedures through continuous education and regular attendance at workshops and seminars.



The Center is fully equipped with state-of-the-art video colonoscopes and gastroscopes to make your procedure as safe and comfortable as any in the world. All equipment is maintained and processed (cleaned) according to the highest possible professional standards. As a matter of standard practice, the Center has emergency transport agreements with local hospitals.


Considerable savings are available to our patients and their insurance companies. Because we specialize and don't incur the overhead costs of traditional hospitals, the Center's rates are generally 30 to 50 percent less than hospital rates. Your billing will consist of four parts: a fee for the use of the Center's facilities, a fee from your treating physician, anesthesia and if a biopsy is taken, a bill from the pathologist and pathology lab. These fees are first billed directly to your insurance company. Remaining amounts identified as patient portions are then billed to you. Our staff is available to answer your financial questions and address any specific concerns you may have.


Our patients appreciate the simple, caring way they are treated, as well as the speed and comfort of their procedure. This has led many patients to openly express extreme satisfaction with the Center. We believe you, too, will find quality,  kind and comfortable care at Premier Endoscopy Center.



Premier Endoscopy Center Can Save You Over 23% Compared to a Hospital Based Outpatient Endoscopy Center


The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPac) is recommending payment cuts to hospital outpatient surgery programs in order that they more closely reflect what Medicare Pays independent surgery centers, like Premier Endoscopy Center. Independent surgery centers procedures are covered by Medicare and other insurance’s. Especially now that many patients have very high deductible’s these cost savings go directly to the patient. Today, payments under the formula are on average are about 67 percent of what the rates would be for the same procedure at an outpatient surgical center in a hospital. You have the right to ask what a Hospital is going to charge you for a procedure !! Having your procedure at Premier Endoscopy Center will save Patient’s, Insurance companies and reduce the overall cost of health care for all Americans!!


"The result is that under the proposal, the rates paid to ASCs and HOPDs will continue the troubling trend of diverging in 2015. While Medicare paid hospitals only 16% more, on average, than it paid ASCs in 2003, today HOPDs receive 81% more than ASCs for the same services. If this proposal is finalized, in 2015, HOPDs would be paid 85 percent more than ASCs for the same procedures. There is no health or fiscal policy in place to justify this increasing inequity, and ASCA fears this increasing gap may discourage ASCs from participating in the Medicare program."


Source: Naples Daily News - 7/7/2014