Insurance FAQ:


We work with your insurance company to determine your co-pay.

Why did I get more than one statement when I had my procedure?

When you have a procedure at Premier Endoscopy Center separate fees are billed:  (1) a professional fee for the physicians' services; (2) a facility fee for use of the surgery facility.  The professional fee is billed under Gastroenterology Specialists and says "this is your doctors bill" at the bottom of your statement.  The surgery facility is billed under Premier Endoscopy Center and says "this is your facility bill" at the bottom of the statement. You may also get a bill from the anesthesia services and if any biopsies are done, you may get statements from the laboratory that prepared the specimens and the pathologist that read the slides.

Will my procedure be filed as being done in the doctor's office?

No.  The Gastroenterology Specialists physicians perform endoscopy services at Premier Endoscopy Center which is a free-standing ambulatory surgery center.  They also perform procedures at the area hospitals should your insurance require this.

What is the cost of my procedure?

We can only give you a baseline price for your procedure.  The baseline cost of your procedure does not include the removal of biopsy or polyps.  The price is subject to change if biopsy or polyps are removed.  

Will my insurance cover my procedure?

Some insurance plans have exclusions for outpatient surgical procedures or have different out-of-pocket expenses based on the location where the procedure is performed.  Deductibles may apply.  Your office visit co-pay will not apply for a procedure. We strongly encourage you to call your insurance carrier to confirm your benefits before the procedure. 

Do you participate with my insurance?

We participate with most insurance plans, please follow this link to see the plans we accept or call our billing office at 239-593-6201 x 103 or x104 for more information.