Office Visits-Consultation

Standard office co-pays per your insurance plan will apply to these services. 

Procedural Services

Endoscopy services are surgical procedures and will be processed under the surgical provision of your insurance plan. Procedures may be for screening purposes or diagnostic in nature and your insurance company may reimburse differently depending on the reason for your procedure. Some insurance plans have exclusions for out-patient surgical procedures or have different out-of-pocket expenses based on the location where the procedure is performed.  Deductibles may apply but your office visit co-pays will not apply to these services.

The fees associated with endoscopic services that you can expect to billed for include:

  1. A professional fee for the physician's services (Gastroenterology Specialists).

  2. A facility fee for use of the surgery facility which provides the equipment, sedation and monitoring (Premier Endoscopy Center or Hospital).

  3. A bill for anesthesia services.

  4. A fee for pathology services if a tissue sample is submitted for analysis.